• Mixergy Part II

    Hey All!

    Hopefully you enjoyed our second interview on Mixergy and you’ve learned a useful thing or two. :)

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    As promised, here are some useful tools, discounts, and other tips.

    NDA: Download the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that we use here.

    How to Make iPhone Apps With No Programming Experience – Our eBook and source code at a 50% discount. (We’re only keeping this up for a limited time for the Mixergy audience)

    The App Code – A full blown step-by-step course on how to build a sustainable App-making business. How you can directly work with us on Apps. How Bitzio Inc, the company that acquired us, can acquire you too.

    Past Useful Blog Posts:

    Elance – Two Guys in a Garage Build a Business With Elance
    Elance – Become a Success with No Programming Experience
    Elance – Best Practices for Outsourcing Online
    99designs – How to use 99designs for App Design
    Mixergy – Our first interview with Mixergy
    Free the Apps! – The Passive Income Life with Quoc Bui

    Enjoy and thanks for all your support!
    Free the Apps!

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