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    Successful web entrepreneur Maren Kate from recently interviewed us about our app business and you can listen to the audio podcast by clicking here! Check out her site for more details on how YOU can escape the 9 to 5 too!

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    • How to Sing

      I just heard the interview, this business idea is awesome, makes me feel like starting an app business right now. I’m about to buy the ebook but I have a question, since I have an android phone and a lot of people is starting to use different types of smart phones, I was wondering if the ebook teaches you how to make apps only for iphone or maybe you can use it to make android apps as well.


    • admin

      It is specific for the Apple App Store, but you can apply what it teaches you for any platform. It will walk you through your first steps to outsourcing. :-)

    • Karmen

      I tried to find the service you mentioned in the interview for marketing the app could you spell it out for me because when I googled it I didnt get the site



    • admin

    • Jay


      Heard about you guys from Pat from and have been completely amazed by what you are doing. I only got an iPhone last year and feel like I may have missed the boat on finding success with iphone games.

      Have you guys experienced alot more difficulty with the rapid success of the App Store? Are you finding it alot harder to get your apps noticed and successful with the new apps you bring out now, compared to ones that you released early on?

      Thanks again for the inspiration to go into iphone game development, hopefully I’m not too late….

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